Ross Gallen, Author

Ross Gallen, Author

The Politics of Deception

by Ross Gallen on 08/01/11

The present administration in its quest for power has engaged in the politics of deception.  It clearly understands as a people, Americans are tired and long for change from the gotcha politics of the last twenty-five years.  We need something to believe in that portends a better future for our country and our children.  Engaging in economic class warefare undermines the social fabric of our country.

At the same time we face an external threat from Muslim extremists that most pay lip service to and few appreciate. These extremists hate the west and American values that venerate diversity and cultural pluralism.  This battle against ignorance and extremism is a fight for the hearts and minds of people that will not be determined on some remote battlefield but in the words and deeds of American political policy.

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